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Whity Ghost

The Little Ghost Whity

“Whity” Ghost is a cute pop ghost who lives little adventures with a poetic and surreal flavor. Pacifist, ecologist, in love with life and everything that comes his way, he is first of all an observer of reality which, under his gaze, turns into something surreal, poetic and absurd. Gifted with a subtle and impalpable humor, he gets lost in a thousand adventures, sometimes dreamy, others surreal, still others simply nonsense. We will discover how he, together with his bizarre friends, will transform into a super hero robot in the world “Papaco Planet Deluxe”.  He will be the leader of the “Papaco Heroes”. 

Scientist, dreamer, always proactive .. together with his friend the Bombfish “Billy” (invented and built by “Whity” himself) will build all the armor and powers of their friends (this whole world “Papaco Planet Deluxe” is imagined by little girl “Hope” .. these are worlds imagined and designed by her, to escape from the monotony and perfidy of the real world). His closest friend is the Alien “Nina”, with whom he is in love. “Whity’s” armor has the power of Earth.

In these adventures “Whity” will be the character who will connect the world “Papaco Planet” with the “Earth”, being the ghost of a scientist who died due to a nuclear chemical accident. He will be the ghost dreamed of and drawn by his daughter “Speranza”, a 7 year old girl.