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Doggy Dog

Doggy dog

“Doggy” Dog is a very lazy, unreliable, greedy, selfish, sometimes cynical and often annoying character. Of these characteristics he is not only the greatest bearer, but he is also the one who exhibits and flaunts them with pride. He calls himself the best dog ever “Doggy Dog the Best Dog”. He loves designer clothes and playing video games. In the world of “Papaco Planet Deluxe” at first he did not want to participate, because the role of a secondary character, according to him, did not belong to him very much. In fact “Doggy” has a big dream in the drawer, that of being able to become a Hollywood celebrity .. the problem is that his expression is almost always the same, so every time in the various castings he never manages to get a part from protagonist .. so among the various disappointments he throws himself back into his world of videogames and fashion. Indispensable.